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Coy Pond, Poole was created in 1888 at the time the railway embankment was constructed behind it; its name is a reminder of a previous life as a decoy pond.

Coy PondThe pond is now fronted on three sides by residential property and by Coy Pond Gardens to the south.  It features a wooded island, and supports a number of waterfowl species including Coots, Moorhens, Mallards and Canada Geese.

Water enters the pond via a brickwork inlet structure which creates a turbulent flow, and exits through a grilled piped outfall system which takes flow below Coy Pond Gardens where it converges with the second tributary of the Bourne Stream about 50m away.  The combined flow then continues downstream to Bournemouth and the Pier.

The pond and gardens cover 9 acres (3.65 hectares), of which the pond covers an area of 0.84 acres (0.34 hectares).  Unlike other ponds along the course of the Bourne Stream it does not lie within a SSSI designation area.  The gardens associated with Coy Pond are Grade II* listed by English Heritage (as are Bournemouth's Upper, Middle and Lower Gardens).  

Following public consultation in August 2000, Borough of Poole's Leisure Services produced the Coy Pond & Gardens Management Plan (2001-2006).

Summer Glory of the Flowering Bushes and Shrubs

Blooming Marvellous

Coy Pond was originally designed as a duck decoy

But today the name is appropriate due to the Large KOI Carp that are resident in the pond


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